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The Compumag 2017 Exhibition will run in conjunction with the conference program. The exhibition has been designed to provide the optimal promotional opportunities to participating companies and organizations.

To secure your booking and to ensure you gain the best possible promotional location contact the secretariat now. The allotment of booths will be on first come, first served basis. However, Compumag 2017 organizing committee reserves the right to rearrang or relocate the booths based on the actual number of booths sold.

Introduction of Exhibition

• Date & Time

Setting June18, 2017
Exhibition June 19-22, 2017
Closing June22, 2017 (Afternoon)

• Place: Daejeon Convention Center (Detailed information will be announced)

• Application Due Date: April 28, 2017

Information of Exhibition

• Price for the Exhibition Booth

Category Size (Per 1 booth) Participation Fee
Standard Booth 3m(L) * 2m(W) * 2.5m(H) USD 3,000 (1EA)

• Type of Booth

- Side and Rear Walls: White printed papers or painted panels 3m length * 2m width * 2.5m height set in an aluminum framework.

- Fascia: Fascia board, 0.3m wide, set at a height of 2.2m to the underside; will be placed on each open frontage. The fascia will be finished in blue color and will carry the exhibitor's name and booth number in uniform style.

- Light: The exhibitor can make special arrangements for any of your requirements, with one fluorescent lamp and three local lighting lamps, provided such requests are made in advance.

- Information Desk and Chair Set: One set of information desk and folding chair is available for the exhibitor. The size of the desk is 1m length * 0.5m width * 0.75m height.

- Electric Outlet: 220V

• Benefits for the Exhibitors (Per 1 booth)

- 1 free conference registration and 1 exhibitor registration
- 2 lunch coupons during the conference
- Conference registration will be include Conference Kit, however, exhibitor registration will NOT include Conference Kit and Dinner ticket.